Residential and Commercial Interior Design Process

Step 1: Initial Consultation
Step 2: Establish Goals, Budgets and Timelines
Step 3: Presentation and Contract
Step 4: Final Design, Procurement
Step 5: Installation

Our client engagement begins with an initial consultation were we partner to clearly establish your goals, budget and timeline. The cost of an initial residential consultation is $500 (plus traveling expenses if located outside the Chicago-land area). A follow-up meeting is scheduled to present solutions to your project and review goals, estimated budgets and timelines. Upon review and acceptance of the design direction a contract is signed clarifying the roles and responsibilities of each party. Next we execute the design project from ordering materials to scheduling trades we handle the entire process. Installation occurs in total or in stages depending on the complexity of the project. Sorensen Design Group is committed to completing your project on budget and time with minimal disruption to your daily route. Billing will be provided at intervals throughout the project to smooth your payments and clarify the actual cost of each phase.