The Perfect Gift


Give the Perfect Gift


A major trend in home décor has been furnishing rooms to meet the specific needs of children.  As a parent you want to give your children the best of everything. Why not give them a new bedroom as a gift for a seasonal holiday or perhaps a whole new look for their birthday?


Sorensen Design Group can transform your child’s room to celebrate their imagination or help them express an area of interest.  For your little princess we can create a room filled with her favorite colors.  Maybe she has a love of nature and a summer’s garden complete with picket fences including a doll house headboard is the perfect environment for her to enjoy and blossom. 


Maybe you are expecting and creating the perfect setting for your new arrival is a priority.  Investing in a design team to create a comfortable, stimulating and lovely space for your little prince or princess is a wise choice.  Possibly you were pleasantly surprised to hear that twins or even triplets are on the way.  Give them a charming space to grow together


Is your little prince a sports fanatic?  We can build the ultimate destination for him filled with his favorite team or sports hero.  From simple decorating to an entire room makeover we can transform a simple bedroom into unique space to be loved by your child for many years to come.


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