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Going Green: 5 Simple Steps


You hear it everywhere: “Going Green.” What exactly does it mean and, more importantly, how do you go green? The term “Going Green” refers to choosing products or making alterations to your lifestyle that are more eco-friendly and have less impact on the earth than their alternatives. Going Green is something that is advertised everywhere, but often seems too daunting and confusing to know where to start. Here is a list of 5 Simple Starters that will send you on your way to Going Green.

Choose Reusable!

According to the EPA, over 375 billion plastic bags are consumed in the U.S. alone every year; plastic bags do not biodegrade, but sit in landfills and contaminate the soil around them as it can take up to 1000 years for the plastic to break down. By purchasing and using reusable shopping bags when shopping you Go Green by not contributing to plastic bag consumption or landfill pollution. Besides, you also get to show some personality – reusable bags are available in colors and logos that even the trendiest stores can’t compete with.

Cold is Cool!

Did you realize that just turning the dial on your washing machine from Warm to Cold will lessen your energy bill by not using the water heater? More importantly, it can save a household up to $7 per month off of the electricity bill and reduce household CO2 emissions. Cold water will also help fabrics stay stronger and colors last longer. So you’ll still look good, you can save a few dollars and help the environment by just turning the dial on your washing machine.

Who Needs VOCs?

First off what is a VOC? A Volatile Organic Compound (or VOC) is a gas that is emitted from certain solids and liquids that have short or long-term adverse health effects, as defined by the EPA. One of the most common liquids containing VOCs is paint. But, you do not have to pack away your paint brush to Go Green! Many paints are now offered as Low or No-VOC and look just as beautiful without polluting your home. Choose these options next time you are up for a paint change and you will be helping make the environment healthier as well as your home.

Eat Local

Visiting your local Farmer’s Market or bakery or mom and pop deli does not only help your mouth water, it also helps the environment. By choosing to buy local, you not only get to enjoy products that are at the peak of freshness, you also save the environment from the impact of pollution caused by fuel emissions and help air quality improve. Search for your local market:

Lighten Up!
Compact fluorescent bulbs last ten times longer than normal bulbs creating less waste in landfills. Less waste isn’t the only reason to switch out your bulbs – compact fluorescent light bulbs use 1/3 less energy than regular light bulbs.


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