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Weatherize to be Green


President Obama announced recently that he is looking to create millions of new green jobs during his first term in office.  As an additional part of this green initiative, he has set a goal to weatherize one million homes annually during these next four years.

At Sorensen Design Group, we believe that the overall design aesthetic includes the things that you don’t always ‘see’. Get a jump start on your own green initiative by beginning work on these un-seen components of design.

An easy area to start with when beginning to weatherize your home and trying to keep sustainability in mind is the windows.  Windows in a home typically account for up to 25% of the exterior wall area - which makes a considerable dent in the energy efficiency of the homes heating or cooling. By replacing existing drapery with an option that offers light filtering features the sunlight can work to your advantage, and can be directed to warm occupied areas of your home while in use, instead of relying solely on conventional heating methods.  Additional window treatment options such as remote controlled shades or blinds also work effectively to insulate and can assist in the prevention of energy loss by up to 40%.

When beginning to weatherize your home –consider starting with the windows first. Besides enjoying the new view, you will also be able to take advantage of a quieter home interior, reduced fading of flooring and furniture, and utility savings from a more energy efficient home.

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