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Sustainable Designing


Bamboo flooring isn’t just trendy – it is also one of the most sustainable design products available today. Sustainable Design refers to the practice of using products and resources at a rate of which they can be naturally replenished, but can also refer to using existing items in a new way. Because bamboo is able to replenish itself quickly, it has gained popularity while also being a prime example of sustainable design.


There are many options to consider when looking to design with sustainability in mind - not all of which involve manufacturing new products. Refinishing existing items, such as kitchen cabinets, can create the look of a new kitchen, without creating unwanted waste; while purchasing existing items, such as reclaimed barn wood to as a new fireplace mantel, are also examples of sustainable design– as manufacturing costs are eliminated.

Working with a designer who is able to incorporate sustainable design principles and products into your finished space, will help you enjoy a more efficient final product that adds to your space without taking away from the environment.


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